Hello there!

I’m Ismael Gómez Schmidt (Bustami) from Chile and this is my project DATO FUTBOL, which is focused on to develop and to share different content related to the field of Football (Soccer) Analytics and at the same time works as my portfolio.

The following list contains the multiple services that I could provide for you based on my programming, statistical, data visualization and general data science skills.

1) Customized data science tools development

  • R package {soccerAnimate} to do 2D spatial animation using soccer tracking data Github repo.

2) Data visualization

Eventing data
  • Shotmap

  • Passing Network

  • Heatmap

  • Passmap
Historical data (journalism)

  • Champions ranking evolution

  • Team profile: age vs minutes played share

  • Positions table

  • Cummulated xG & Goals trendline

  • xG forward vs xG against by team

3) Modelling

4) Online courses/conferences/webinars/blogging

2020 - Datalatam (slides + video)

2020 - R users Chile: Ejemplos de uso de datos en fútbol y hockey sobre hielo

2019 - Seminario Fútbol Analytics UAI: La revolución de los datos en Soccer Analytics

2018 - SatRday Santiago: Una mirada al Soccer Analytics usando R

  • Articles in Medium (Spanish)

Part I

Part II

Part III

5) Tools/Knowledge/Skills

  • RStudio (R + tidyverse + shiny + ..)
  • data cleaning/processing/modelling/visualization
  • Related knowledge of Sports Analytics: statistics, regression (linear, posisson, binomial, etc.), xG, PSxG, VAEP, GBM, clustering, players similarity, passing networks, shotmaps, radar plots, percentiles, event/tracking data
  • Ice hockey and Soccer Analytics

The whole project also considers a Github repository and a Twitter account.

If you have any request don’t hesitate to contact me by either the email or LinkedIn

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