xG calculator

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Ismael Gómez


May 7, 2024

I am happy to share with you the xG Calculator, an interactive tool that provides you a simple way to predict, collect and export eXpected Goals (xG) values for multiple shots.

If you are not familiar with the meaning of xG, you can read this article with some definitions, code and examples.

The XG calculator is particularly useful for football clubs that:

  1. Don’t have the budget to pay for xG data from providers.

  2. Lack access to xG data (even paid) because of their league tier.

  3. Want to measure xG values for youth league games.

  4. Want to measure xG values for training games or sessions.

In any of these cases, you just need the shot clips from your video analysts to replicate the shots location and basic details. These serve as inputs for a simple xG model, and you can then download the entire set of outputs.

Let’s go! Play around with the tool and see how xG is predicted for your shots. Check the instructions at right if needed. The tool has not been optimized for mobile devices, so it is recommended to use it with a desktop device.

Want to unlock even more features?

I offer a variety of upgrade options to tailor the xG Calculator to your specific needs and requirements.

In case you have any questions or would like to discuss these upgrade options further, I would be happy to schedule a meeting with you.